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15 Day Resettlement training course £1850

15 Day Resettlement training course- 15 Day – £2220

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If you wish to start your career within the refrigeration industry, we have designed a course which will allow you to complete in one go.


Here’s what we offer in our 15 day resettlement package:

C+G 7543 Car Auto A/C
BESA Pipework and Brazing
C+G / BESA  F-Gas
Logic Essential Electrics
C+G 2382-12 17th Edition

You could also chose to do our new package which includes heat pumps:

C+G 7543 Car Auto A/C
BESA Pipework and Brazing
C+G / BESA F-Gas
Logic Essential Electrics
C+G 2399-01 Environmental Tech-heat pumps
C+G 2399-32 Installation/commissioning of heat pumps

Which ever course you choose to sit with us by the end you will be qualified to install, commission and work on simple refrigeration systems/heat pump systems. You can then start to look forward to you new career working within the refrigeration industry.


Download Course Details  Enquire About Place on Course