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BESA – City & Guilds Refrigeration Pipework & Brazing

BESA/City & Guilds Refrigeration Pipework & Brazing – 2 Day – Prices from £415

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The course is essential for all personnel who wish to be trained and certified competent in brazing refrigeration & air conditioning copper pipework.

It is a practically Based course but includes the required training in health & safety areas to enable candidates to competently carry out the correct brazing techniques.

The British Refrigeration Association has set the criteria for the practical assessment hence this approved industry standards is strictly adhered to ensure the workmanship and that best practices are shown and achieved.

1. General Safety
1.1 General Duties of Employers
1.2 General Duties of Employees
1.3 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1988 (COSHH) 1.4 Protection Against Burns from Flames and Sparks
1.5 Protection from Fumes
1.6 Transport
1.7 Storage
1.8 Safety
1.9 Gas Cylinders in Fires

2. Refrigeration Pipework
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Copper Tubing
2.3 Soft Drawn
2.4 Hard Drawn
2.5 Cutting Copper Tubing
2.6 Bending Copper Tubing
2.7 Flared Connections
2.8 Swaged Joint
2.9 Fittings

3. Oxy-acetylene Equipment
3.1 Cylinder Safety Precautions
3.2 Acetylene
3.3 Explosion Risks
3.4 Oxygen
3.5 Gas Pressure Regulators
3.6 High Pressure Blowpipe
3.7 Backfires and Flashbacks
3.8 General Preparations
3.9 Setting the Gas Pressures
3.10 Lighting the Blowpipe
3.11 To Shut Down the Plant
3.12 Blowpipe Flame
3.13 The Neutral Flame
3.14 The Carburizing Flame
3.15 The Oxidising Flame
3.16 Power to the Flame
3.17 Brazing Alloys

4. Brazing Techniques
4.1 Cutting and Fitting
4.2 Cleaning
4.3 Proper Fluxing
4.4 Assembling and Supporting
4.5 Purging System with Dry Nitrogen
4.6 Heating and Flowing the Alloy
4.7 Cleaning After Brazing
4.8 Points to Remember
4.9 Caution
4.10 Installation Planning
4.11 Pre-Site Checks
4.12 Pre-Installation Checks
4.13 Pressure Testing

5. Typical Defects – Causes and Remedies


Download Course Details   Enquire About Place on Course