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Refrigerant Handling

Refrigerant Transfer Service

Our refrigeration engineers here at Polar Pumps offer a refrigerant transfer service for recovery, reclaim or charging of any type of refrigerant, liquid and vapour including ammonia. We have built a number of our own bespoke refrigerant handling units for any application from small 100Kg systems right up to our biggest job so far being 18 tons of ammonia which was a total liquid and vapour recovery. Refrigerant disposal and short term storage can be arranged so give us a call with your requirements.

Oil-less Recovery/Charging Pump

The pump handles both liquid and vapour and is suitable for recovering the majority of the commonly available fluorocarbons including CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and blends.

AP200HR Dual Assembly Liquid/Vapour Pump

The AP200HR combines the liquid transfer pump model E200L with the Model E55 for total evacuation of systems or cylinders down to a vacuum of 10″ Hg. A sensor detects whether liquid or vapour is being transferred and automatically switches between the two pumps.

E200L Liquid Pump

The E200L is an efficient lightweight electrically driven mechanical pump. It will transfer large quantities of liquid refrigerant and is suitable for filling and emptying cylinders, plant or equipment.

Bespoke Refrigerant Handling Equipment

With over 20 years experience in building specialist refrigerant handling equipment we are renowned for our success in building customer specific machinery. From small portable units capable of transferring 100 kg of refrigerant per hour right up to more industrial equipment which can achieve 4 tons per hour. If you have a requirement in this area contact Polar Pumps with your needs and we can be sure to offer you a suitable solution.