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Oil-less Recovery/Charging Pump OLE70


Oil-less Recovery/Charging Pump 


The pump handles both liquid and vapour and is suitable for recovering the majority of the commonly available fluorocarbons including CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and blends. Due to the fact that there is no oil in the pump different types can be achieved by simply evacuating the existing type of refrigerant from the machine. Lightweight, portable and robust, ideal for locations where larger and heavier equipment would be burdensome.

Whereas our equipment is fitted with operational safety devices the user remains responsible for observing correct refrigerant handling procedures and it is recommended that all operatives receive appropriate refrigerant handling training and assessment.

All extraction rates are approximate and vary with temperature, pressure etc. All pumps are guaranteed for one year and service parts are available. In the interest of product development we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

Model OLE70

Weight: 16 Kg / Length: 420 mm / Width: 250 mm, Height: 280 mm / Dual Voltage: 240v, 110v available
Air or Nitrogen driven version also available. Ammonia version also available.


All common fluorocarbon types. Note, the pump may not be suitable for substances with either very low or very high boiling points.


Vapour: 20Kg / Liquid: 70Kg


Pressure relief valve. High and low pressure cut out.