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Logic Essential Electrics & Safe Isolation

Logic Essential Electrics & Safe Isolation – 2 Day – £415

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Polar Pumps Training provide this course for those who need to carry out electrical work but have no recognisable qualifications to do so.

It enables individuals who need to carry out electrical work to comply with the requirements of the Electricity at Work Act 1989. It covers the correct procedures for safe isolation of equipment, the use of test equipment and the testing of any work that is carried out.

Candidates have to demonstrate that they can undertake simple wiring tasks and that they are able to test that work is safe to put back into service safely.

1. Electrical Concepts
1.1 Magnetism
1.2 Electrical Terms
1.3 Conductors and Insulators
1.4 Relationships (Ohms Law)
1.5 Series and Parallel Circuits
1.6 Electrical Power
1.7 Inductors
1.8 Direct and Alternating Current
1.9 Rectifiers
1.10 Single Phase Motors
1.11 Three Phase Motors

2. Safe Isolation
2.1 Electric Shock
2.2 Body Resistance
2.3 Removing Persons from Live Conductors
2.4 First Aid
2.5 Electrical Isolation
2.6 Test Lamps and Proving Units

3. Instrumentation
3.1 Measurement of Voltage, Current and Resistance
3.2 Analogue and Digital displays
3.3 Meter Calibration
3.4 Battery Condition and Continuity of Test Leads
3.5 Earth Continuity Testing
3.6 Insulation Resistance Testing

4. Electrical Regulations
4.1 Electricity at Work Regulations1989
4.2 Electricity Supply Regulations 1988
4.3 The Low Voltage Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1989
4.4 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

5. Supply Systems
5.1 The Distribution System
5.2 AC Supply
5.3 Electricity into the Building
5.4 Control and Protection Equipment
5.5 Identification Notices
5.6 BS 4343 Plugs and Sockets

6. Earthing and Bonding
6.1 Earthing Arrangements
6.2 Earthed Equipotential Bonding
6.3 Types of Circuit Protective Conductors
6.4 Supplementary Bonding Conductors
6.5 Temporary Continuity Bonding

7. Termination Skills
7.1 Stripping Insulated Cables
7.2 Types of Terminals
7.3 Identification of Conductors
7.4 Termination Tooling

8. Electrical Safety
8.1 Electrical Safety Checks
8.2 PAT Testing
8.3 RCD Protection
8.4 CPC Continuity
8.5 Insulation Resistance
8.6 Polarity (Dead Test)
8.7 Polarity (Live Test)
8.8 Earth Loop Impedance Testing

9. Electrical Controls
9.1 Thermostats
9.2 Pressure Controls
9.3 Relays and Contactors


Download Course Details  Enquire About Place on Course