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Ammonia Awareness Training – 1 Day seminar

Ammonia Awareness Training 1 Day seminar

 £100.00+VAT Per Candidate

Training can also be carried out onsite please contact for a quote. (please included candidate numbers and site postcode for accurate quotation)


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This is a 1 day introductory course into the use of Ammonia as a refrigerant.

Ammonia Awareness Training can be held with us here at Polar Pumps or on your site.

Who is the Ammonia Awareness course for?

The Ammonia Awareness programme is aimed at company personnel who are not expected to directly handle Ammonia but may need an overview as to its characteristics, dangers, environmental and efficiency advantages and site safety requirements.

Site personnel who would benefit from this course include: Site Management – Site Safety persons – Site emergency response teams – Production Supervisors and their personnel.

How long will the course take?

Ammonia Awareness is a 1 Day seminar that takes approx. 5 hours

Upcoming Course Dates:

1st of February 2019

11th of March 2019

25th of March 2019

23rd of April 2019

7th of May 2019

12th of June 2019

27th of June 2019

29th of July 2019

What does the Ammonia Awareness course cover?

1. Selection of Refrigerants
– Natural Refrigerants
– Fluorocarbons
– Hydrocarbons

2. Anhydrous Ammonia
– Physical Properties
– Physiological Properties (Exposure Limits)
– Chemical Properties
– Advantages

3. Potential Hazards
– Refrigeration Systems
– Refrigerant Storage
– Emergency Treatment

4. On site safety Precautions
– Personnel Protection
– Plant room Requirements
– Ventilation
– Emergency Procedures
– Alarm Systems
– Storage of Waste

5. Personnel Protective Equipment
– Personnel Protection Regulations
– Respiratory Equipment
– Recommended Personnel Safety Equipment

Environmental Issues
– Environmental Protection act 1990
– Hazards to the Environment

7.Basic refrigeration Principles
– Heat Transfer
– the simple refrigeration System

Please contact us for more information.

Enquire About Place on Course