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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

You’ve got it in your car and your office, why not at home? Domestic air-conditioning is nowhere near as expensive as you may think with packages available less than £1,000 capable of cooling and heating two rooms. In fact, having air-conditioning units in your house could save you money, With the units incorporating heat pump technology you get practically free heating during the winter.

These units utilise the latent heat available in the atmosphere throughout the year and can provide 4 kW of heating power for only 1 kW of energy consumed. That’s equivalent to the heat of a 4 bar electric fire only using the same electricity as running 1 bar.

Air-conditioning can also provide savings when compared to traditional central heating systems in areas such as extensions, loft conversions and conservatories. The cost of adding to your existing heating system can be enormous, where a small independent air-conditioning system can be added relatively cheaply, providing you with both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Domestic air-conditioning is a growing market for both the industry and Polar Pumps Ltd Refrigeration and over the past few years we have seen increasing demand from the domestic market. From penthouse suites to home offices people are now demanding air-conditioning in all areas of their life and with many discreet efficient systems on the market Polar Pumps can provide a solution for all your needs.

The most popular system for the home is a split system consisting of one outdoor condenser which can be mounted down the side of your house or hidden in the garden somewhere convenient. This is connected to an indoor unit for example in the bedroom via copper pipes which can be run through the loft area or we can box them in with trunking. These units are usually installed within a day or multi systems several days. There are several systems available for the domestic homes so give us a call and we can arrange a FREE no obligation survey to discuss your requirements.

Commercial Air-conditioning

At Polar Pumps we have the capability to handle all aspects within the air-conditioning field from small-scale split installations to larger AHU and VRV systems. Our portfolio extends from small 2kw split office installation systems to larger 30kw + packaged plant.

We have specialist computer software and CAD systems and our design team can forward solutions to most problems.

Working with many clients either as a direct supplier or as a specialist sub contractor to mechanical service companies, Polar Pumps has been involved in projects ranging from hotels to cinemas providing either a specialist pipe fitting and commissioning service to complete design and installation packages.

We are agents for many of the top air-conditioning brands such as LG, Fujitsu, Daikin, Mitsubishi and Toshiba and have a wealth of experience with many other more specialist companies such as York and Lennox.

In 2001 The Government introduced capital allowance (ECA) to reward businesses that invest in energy saving equipment.

ECA’s are given on 100% of your expenditure in the first year. This means you can reduce the profits for its period of the investment, on which you pay tax by 100% of the expenditure incurred when buying equipment from Millennium.

Therefore on equipment costing £10,000, your business will reduce its taxable profit by the full £10,000. That makes the first year saving from the ECA £3,000.

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